Headless Hens

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Perfect world, just in time
Perfect babies, by design
Purge the ones that canít run
Judge the lives wonít be much fun
Labs getting patents, DNA owning
Remaking people, through human cloning

Used to love any kid that breathed
But now we donít want Ďem unless theyíre Ivy League

Headless Hens make better eating
Engineered sheep, engineered feeding
Mammoth salmon spread altered genes
Big busted cows, bug killing beans
Miracle foods weíre promised if we try it
But hungry people canít afford to buy it

Labs getting profits, DNA mixing
Itís not the crops itís the world that needs fixing.

Monkeys know, we canít deny
If kids are born somebody must
die When life ainít urgent, you know itís blue
Earlybird specials will have to start at two
Rich live for centuries the poor die young
US will look like LaLanne and Sarandon

Labs making profits, Trojan Horse towing
Thousand Years of Boredom brought by cell regrowing

When life is sold and manufactured
Nothingís sacred, community is fractured
Dissiní ainít wrong, McVeigh is just a vandal
Columbine High is just a petty scandal

Assembly plants using genes
Turn flesh and blood into biomachines.
Life getting profits, DNA forming
Whatís so scary about global warming?

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