Dark Day

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It was a dark day, a baby was born
Doctor frowned and shook his head
This didnít have to happen,
It coulda been avoided
Coulda made a boy instead

Had a girl, didnít want another
Already had one to shop with her mother.

It was a dark day, a baby was born
Even thought the sky was blue
They got a baby boy,
No bundle of joy
Hoped to call her Betty, had to call him Lou

Weíre more civilized than the Taliban or China
Weíre Gods of gender, we can design íem

To many sports fans and too few caring mothers
That may be in store
With the choice will it be less girls than boys
Bunch of mateless males who want to go to war?
Or in this paradise, will everything be equal
Will we choose less boys than girls?
With families as perfect as alt and pepper shakers
Every set the same all over the world

Itíll be a dark day
When kids are selections, like shoes we choose to suit our tastes
They ainít her to please [us], theyíre responsibilities
Constructing people just ainít our place

Itíll be a dark day
Itíll be a dark day...
It is a dark day

Rockmandu, Copyright 2001, All Rights Reserved

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