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Headless Hens Make Better Eating!

These rockiní tunes about technology run amok. "Sperm Bank Love" is about the creepiness of sperm banks. "Dark Day" is about parents choosing the sex of their children. "Headless Hens" is about the under-reported downsides of genetic engineering. Then there is "Chillin' With Ted Williams", "Larry King and Tony Randall", and "Frozen Embryos." Finally, be sure to check out the newest hit, "If I'm Not Real"!

These songs have been played on several radio stations and have been praised by the International Center for Technology Assessment and the Council for Responsible Genetics.

If you're interested in the full versions of these songs, please send an e-mail to humanfuture@lycos.com or use the contact page.

Rock on!

Sperm Bank Love

Dark Day

Headless Hens

Chillin' With Ted Williams

Larry King and Tony Randall

Frozen Embryos

If I'm Not Real

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